Apr 2024 — Press

World Earth Day. A commitment to a sustainable future

On the occasion of World Earth Day, we want to share with you our commitment to a more sustainable and responsible future.

At our company in Carpi, in the province of Modena, we strive every day to reduce the environmental impact of our production. We exclusively use natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, and eco-friendly dyes, ensuring not only the quality of our products but also respect for the environment.


Linen, in particular, is an extraordinary fiber: durable and long-lasting, it helps reduce waste and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. We are proud to use this wonderful resource to create our items, knowing that we are contributing to preserving our planet for future generations.

As artisans, we internally produce every single piece, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and minimizing consumption. Our “zero-kilometer” approach not only allows us to offer high-quality products but also enables us to reduce the environmental impact associated with transportation.

On this special day, we reflect on the importance of protecting our planet and commit to continuing our journey towards ever more sustainable production.

Thank you for your ongoing support in our mission for a better world!



    Linen is a precious and high quality fabric, which requires care and attention to be maintained well. Here are some tips to respect his natural fiber.


    Always use a NEUTRAL soap; add a delicate FABRIC SOFTENER or (the one excludes the other) put your garment in the DRYER for 15 minutes MAXIMUM;
    - use the WASHING MACHINE (be careful to separate fabrics by color) and DO NOT MAKE DRY WASHING;
    - make a low temperature washing, at most 30/40 degrees;
    - avoid too powerful centrifuges, they can damage tissue;
    - pay attention to delicate points of shirts, like the collar, the cuffs and sleeves, you can use a specific product for linen fabric, to be sprayed on the interested area;
    - white color linen should be washed with a specific detergent with bleaching, able to guarantee the natural white of the garment;
    - the colored linen instead, simply requires a detergent that will not damage the color;
    - as drying, garments must be protected from direct sunlight, which could whiten and turn yellow the colors;
    - roll upside down and cover them with a white cloth, so you could easily iron them;
    - the clips - if used - should be placed in so-called “invisible places”, like on the seams, in the upturned collar, etc ...;


    Add a teaspoon of BICARBONATE to detergent or any other REMOVER with doesn’t BLEACH and avoid the use of AGGRESSIVE detergents.


    Even after repeated washings you want to get the original scent of LA FABBRICA DEL LINO’s products, you can ask for and purchase our fragrances suitable for fabrics and for your home.

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